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"We've all been there before"


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I don't know what it was that I randomly stumbled upon this creator. I have watched every video they've uploaded because I just really, really appreciate and enjoy the personality of this hobbyist. Unfortunately they haven't had new tank updates in a while, but...

I wanted to share this just to remind everyone and share the love of the hobby with everyone, always keep learning. Always keep trying to eyeball your tank and find something that amazes you.

Feel free to post and share what mini adventure you had with your tank today. 🙂



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My most recent mini adventure is I found a neo in my pea puffer tank alive and well. I have no idea how he got there, but to my amazement, the peas left him alone so I added more and everyone is coexisting in complete harmony. Totally baffled by the whole thing, but very much enjoying it. 

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