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hello from Minnesota

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Hello! My first tank was a 1 gallon. that was when I was a kid and didn't know any better. Now I have 3 tanks. The 10g has frankie the pea puffer in it, the 2.5 I just started out and i'm keeping cherry shrimp in it, and finally, my pride and joy is my 12g long. Fully planted and my favorite plant there is mermaid weed. I've got least killifish in there, as well as endlers, amano shrimp, white wizzard snails, rams, and mts. I've had this tank for 3 years and some months now and i'm pretty happy with how it looks. However, I really want to stock it with clown killies and humpback limia, the limia is very hard to get and when I had them they all died due to some disease that I was unable to cure at the time due to low funds. I hope to have them again in the future.

photos of the 12 and the 10 included in this post



Screenshot (17).png

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