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  1. I've wanted these guys since I saw them, but now I realize that they wont work with what I have unfortunately. I tried my best. Maybe in the future I will get them again but I feel like I've done this the wrong way. So, I'll take them back to the store. Hopefully someone else who can take proper care of them will take them in.
  2. @RovingGinger @Cory would it be ok if I put them in with my golden wonder killifish and make that tank brackish? Or is the tank not suitable for them? He's not eating when I try and give it to him but he's not dead so he's eating something. I tried the vibra bites and he didn't take to them. I'm not sure what to do at this point. I think he's too small and pretty much still a juvenile to take the bloodworms or bites and I can't get the daphnia until my next paycheck comes in because I gotta get an air pump as well. I know this tank doesn't have the greatest setup, but my golden was getting too aggresive in my 12 so I had to put something together without any funds. I honestly might just return the golden and the goby. I dont want to kill them because I can't properly take care of them. But it will be hard because I've gotten attached to them.
  3. @RovingGinger the goby isn't eating, he actually grabbed at the bloodworm but he spit it out. he ate the day after i got him but he hasn't since. I dont want him to die. should i cut my loses return him since starting a daphina culture would take too long?
  4. would i be ok with adding aquarium salt to my 10g which has a dwarf red lotus, anacharis, guppy grass and a pea puffer in it? Its for my new bumblebee goby that i put in there a few days ago. he's not eating and im wondering if adding salt will help out. tank in question:
  5. @Andrew Geiger trucks come in in the middle of the week. check back occasionally. due to covid trucks tend to come in late sometimes. though when i last worked last week they told us they're getting back to weekly trucks
  6. thank you so much for getting back to me! so far they are still alive! they ate well today as well. I've come up with a new problem though. My bumblebee goby wont eat. she didn't eat yesterday or today. the day after I got her she ate really well strait from my tongs but now she's refusing to eat. I have her in a breeding net because she is so small right now. any ideas on what I could do?
  7. I gave my golden wonder killifish and my pea puffer some bloodworms before I smelled them and they ended up smelling like they're spoiled. like they're rotten. Will my fish be ok or are they going to die?
  8. would be pea puffers, a dwarf red lily, anacharis, and guppy grass be ok with me adding salt to the water?
  9. here is the one I got. it looks like its a juvenile he's so small. I'm pretty sure he's freshwater as well
  10. What's the main difference between the xanthozona and nunus so I can tell the difference? It said in the article but the pictures I'm looking at are just confusing me
  11. thanks for the source! how often did you feed them? and was it a whole block of frozen food or was it cut in half? if he takes the blood worms, could i just put them in a feeder ring thing and let him eat out of that?
  12. did you have to dose your tank with salt at all? Because I cant fully confirm if they were raised freshwater or brackish, and if i keep him in a quarantine tank, do I have to put much in there besides a spot for hiding?
  13. @RovingGinger I do happen to have a pea puffer tank with just one in it. it has lots of hiding places. I dont feed the puffer worms as he only eats snails. What kind of food did they eat and would I be able to just put it in there to munch on or would i have to hand feed him?
  14. @Taylor Blake Its going pretty well. better than reddit lol
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