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Out door pond tub ideas


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Getting a few out door tubs going on, with heaters added in as well as living in California. Thinking of doing a Molly or platty colony in a 100g tub I’m planning, current have a apisto tub with a heater running (no fish in yet) and was thinking of possibly doing some others like a shrimp tub. 

just wanted to know if anyone has experience with this. 

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Lots of tubbers round here!  I’m not sure how the apistos will do, but with a heater they may work out.  Shrimp can do very well in a tub, and I’ve even had a few make it over winter here in northern Louisiana.  

A couple of my baby plecos found a way into my tub this spring and really did well.  

If to want to ditch the heater, there are many colorful options: fantail goldfish, veriatus, corydoras to name a few.

Another option is native fish.  @Fish Folk has a thread for rainbow shiners here:  




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On 10/23/2022 at 12:30 AM, NotDaleGribble said:

Looks like somewhere on the 10s, possibly 9b

Ok. I think you should build your eater garden at least 50% below ground. Maybe try a 100 gal. stock tank like this…


Burying it beneath the soil substantially will allow some geothermal regulation. Just need to be careful of toddlers and raccoons.

You will want it at least 50% in semi-shade, so plan carefully. 100% total sunlight is overboard. But some afternoon sun is crucial.

Let sunlight do its thing for a month, or, buy a pond-starter kit with beneficial bacteria…


Go to a local greenhouse, and buy a bunch of plants. Water hyacinth & water lettuce are staples.

I do mini ponds like this…



I’ve learned a lot from this book. But it focuses more on small water gardens rather than large ponds / tubs…


If you have enough tanks inside, you can kickstart your tub using cycled tank water.

Live bearers are a good choice outside. Just choose something that you can sell!

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