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  1. Water out of my hose seems to have 0 chlorine in it, it seems obviously I could be wrong. I would have to check the temp of the water out of the hose. Let’s say it was the temp of the water from the hose is there a solution for that?
  2. So something I have been noticing. I have somewhat of a die off every time I change water. Usually affects my plecos, Cory’s, CPDs the most. I notice my honey gouramis will go towards the surface to try for oxygen I am guessing. What could be going on. My tank is pretty well established and my levels are clean (I know take that with a grain of salt) I more clean my tank and water change just as a weekly maintenance. Some notes I have hard water, my temps are around 78-80, and I refill the tank from a hose outside my door. It’s happened a few times now let’s say 4-6 and doesn’t kill the whole tank but seems that certain groups are affected. The plecos and gouramis tend to pull through but struggle for a bit. Tank is a 75gal. I have two air stones running as well as a flow bar part of my filter system.
  3. I wouldn’t think so, I imagine there rice fish, that’s what the plant seller said they could be. However they kind of don’t look like it.
  4. Updated photos still kinda bad but they are growing, they seem to have side markings
  5. Question on what to do here. I have or had 3 L397 and a L236. Lost a 397 today. parameter's are fine and these come from dans fish so my temp matches there at 79. I did do some meds about 3 days ago but did a water change today and started to notice the problems today. Anything I can do for this, should I add some stress coat or should I just dim the light and wait and pray. Also it’s a 75 gal and I’m running and air stone, with a Oase bio master with flow from the outake. I did add some bacteria earlier as well that might be causing the issue notice one of my Cory’s is struggling.
  6. Blue dream shrimps. I will keep you all posted hopefully the fry pushes through and survives, really small which makes me nervous but hopefully gets some weight on em.
  7. My apologies for the bad quality pictures, it’s so small it’s hard to get a proper focus. I have no clue how this random fry could of happened I’ve had this tank for a few weeks now and no other life form has been in it besides the blue dreams I have in there. Also good news I see baby blue dreams. How the heck did this happen. A bit a fun surprise.
  8. Hello all Saw this little guy in my 10gal blue dream shrimp tank. So small I can barely get a picture of him. Was wondering what this could be. Maybe a egg caught a ride on some plants? Hopefully not a rice fish I have this tank a bit warm for them.
  9. Native fish sounds like an interesting idea, not o sound dumb but I wonder how hard it would be to get some. I don’t imagine they are sold, or at least I’ve never seen anything like that.
  10. Looks like somewhere on the 10s, possibly 9b
  11. Getting a few out door tubs going on, with heaters added in as well as living in California. Thinking of doing a Molly or platty colony in a 100g tub I’m planning, current have a apisto tub with a heater running (no fish in yet) and was thinking of possibly doing some others like a shrimp tub. just wanted to know if anyone has experience with this.
  12. Seeing different ways to handle this. Kind of leaning toward just leaving him/her alone.
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