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utimate solution to hard water clogging of anything


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i have insanely hard water and my airstones, plastic or mineral, clog quickly. i love the corner filters but the airflow decreased to almost no airflow after 8 months. i bought an ultrasonic cleaner and the before during and after are shown below. i think Corey should try one and maybe market an aquarium coop certified brand.

cheers from canada





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On 10/13/2022 at 11:33 PM, nabokovfan87 said:

When you say hard water.... what are you talking in terms of GH/KH ppm?

Nicely done.  This is an issue a ton of us deal with, nice little trick!


I'm on well and it was tested a long time ago so I don't remember the readings but it was super high gh and kh. I have a slow drip on my auto water change timer and it has stalactites or something forming...so it's pretty hard.



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@kevincanada, that's a fantastic improvement!

I too use jewelry cleaners all the time. Impacted impellers or encrusted filter parts come out like new. They are incredibly effective in reviving clogged air stones. I've virtually never had to replace an air stone because of jewelry cleaners.

If you attach the clogged stone to an air pump and insert in in a jewelry cleaner, in under a minute in most cases, it's like new. If left too long, you have nothing but the airline! The way I clear them is to immerse them and watch and as soon as it starts bubbling like a new stone, remove it...fast. 

Just an off-topic, jewelry cleaner anecdote but we recently developed a plant cleaning technique using carbonated water. Before we got to that solution, literally and figuratively, @OnlyGenusCaps and I were speaking about how effective jewelry cleaners are to clean encrusted wavemakers to a near new state.

That birthed the idea to try it to clean plants. In late 2019 I was in discussion with @OnlyGenusCaps and @Guppysnailabout the possibility of sterilizing plants without chemicals. In fact, @Odd Duck and I were literally discussing it's use on microbes just days ago. 

To that end our very first attempt was to clean plants in a jewelry cleaner! It's pretty rough on most plants and snail eggs survived nonetheless so we abandoned it for that purpose, but I totally agree on how spectacularly effective it is for small, mechanical parts.  


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