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Do I need to break out the hospital tank for my betta?

Jen Abe

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I noticed some 'fluff' on my betta's 'pelvic?' fin this morning. See pictures. My gut tells me to break out my previously unused hospital tank setup and treat him with Maracyn but I don't want to stress Ulysses unnecessarily if I am over-reacting.

He is currently in a ten gallon (planted) with ember tetra and pygmy cory (and a mystery snail). All parameters good, water changes every week (latest one Saturday).

I am not yet very experienced with fish disease, and would like some advice from veteran betta and fish keepers. I love this fish very much and would hate to lose him.

Thank you!






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Definitely break out the tank and treat him! Whatever it is, something in obviously wrong and needs to be addressed sooner than later. It could be the beginnings of Columnaris or fish fungus, which both are deadly. I've experienced a loss due to it and was heartbroken 🥺 I hope he gets better soon! 

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I did it - he is in the hospital tank. I am so glad I had everything I needed ready to go. Fingers crossed he gets better...he is not happy right now.

Added a Catappa leaf for good measure. Had it in the fish medicine box though I usually leave have those in the tanks all the time.

Thanks for all the info 🙂


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