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Last month was a crazy month indeed. I had my angels spawn 2 times and spawned again today. My midnight rams finally spawned which was really nice to see. Still trying to figure out how I am going to raise up these fry but we will see. Life is getting busy with finishing up highschool but this hobby is helping me throughout the journey. 



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On 10/4/2022 at 11:09 PM, DiscusLover said:

pennywort leaves😄

Yep, small brainlock there.  😆 Fixed it but not before I posted it.  Put in Anubias, posted, went, “Wait a minute.  Was it Anubias?”  Scrolled up, duh!  Not Anubias.  😂 

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Hatched my recent angelfish spawn which was good not a lot but a  good decent amount! My previous angelfish batch from a 3 weeks ago gotten huge and are now developing their fins. Unfortunately I lost one of my black male ram because of its wounds that I was treating which was a bummer, so now I have 2 pairs but better then none.




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My 1.5 month old angelfish fry are doing really great, sad thing is a some of them have defects and its going to be a hard process of culling but I guess I have to do it. Lost 2 out of 3 of my midnight ram for unknown reasons which is really frustrating and I hope that I can keep this last pair alive. I have 4 batches of angelfish fry right now and it is  packed indeed.

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