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Is this Christmas Moss salvageable?

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I have a couple clumps of Christmas moss glue to rocks in a tank with blue neos. It's gotten a bit algae infested. Is this something I can cure with gluteuraldehyde or hydrogen peroxide?

Is it safe to use either of those in a 5 gallon tank with the neos?

I could take it out, and put it in a tank with less nutrients. Or I could put it in a bowl and block it out for a while or something.

But what will kill algae that doesn't kill Christmas moss?




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You could try to spot treat it with hydrogen peroxide. Just do a small spot and see what it does. 

I would caution against dosing the entire tank with hydrogen peroxide as it can kill all your beneficial bacteria. That being said, I’ve used hydrogen peroxide to help with black beard algae and haven’t seen detrimental results to the beneficial bacteria when I spot treat. 

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Maybe consider taking a few algae free tips off the clump and growing them out separately in a jar of tank water, while you try the other eradication methods. 

I tend to just manually remove as much of the contaminated mosses and let it it regrow from clean cuttings. I guess I don't mind the long wait. I also don't think the shrimp mind the algae.

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This worked a treat!

Sorry to take so long on the update. I put it in a glass bowl with half a bottle or so of water for my SodaStream. Topped it with a glass plate and put a towel over the whole thing in my laundry room for a day. Then I just put the bowl in my guppy tank and the guppies ate all the dead algae and stuff off. Now I have about three good size handfuls of perfectly good Christmas moss that I put in a few different tanks.

I can't recommend this enough!


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