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Hi everyone! So, I've decided to restart my journal (I ended up deleting (hence the "forgotten" bit of the title) the previous one as I felt it was becoming more of a drag to update than what I felt it was worth). At least for now mine is going to be very much a "if I have the time and energy" type thing where some things might get mentioned, some might not. As it's been a bit here're some updates on my tanks:

5.5 Gallon

This is arguably the one that's changed most, as I've ripped out the jungle type aquascape:image.png.29c440833d2e05b6efe8e62457249b21.png(Picture from 9/16/21)

and replaced it with a bit more of an updated setup stocked with 14 chili rasboras, and colonies of RCS and bladder snails:image.png.33ff57e7bac08d5de1aa1dc017696f0f.pngIt's currently a bit of a mess, however in general I'm fairly happy with it. I'm coming towards the end of dealing with some bba (I hope!), so it is somewhat of a mess. My main goals for this tank going forward are

  • Finish the black beard algae completely, and generally tidy up the tank
  • Get the hairgrass carpet to look that little bit healthier
  • Move the cherries to a dedicated setup as my town's water has dropped in pH, and I still want to breed them

In its current form it's been setup since December 9th, however the substrate is still pretty much the same one used for the jungle (just added a bit more aquasoil on top of what was already there), so this tank is still dirted, and Walstad.

10 Gallon

I hadn't gotten this tank by the time I ended my previous journal, so most of this is new info. I set it up with a scape in mind that never really came to be, so for the past few months it's mostly just been growing algae. I've decided to do a reset with a new scape, and in the process of finding inspiration I found this tank:image.png.801645026d114ec882d2afed44e135db.png


Which really caught my eye, and inspired me, so I've been planning out a setup inspired by this for the past few weeks that's come out to this: image.png.7f851b953e4487aba5e1a073555793b2.png

This is where I have a question however: This is obviously very similar, but with a few changes such as changing the colour of most of the plants to an orange (something that I found from that Tropica Inspiration site as well), as well as changing the path to wrap around the left side (the upper level of tan in the drawing) to add a well defined "amphitheater", or pit in the front (the bottom level of tan). I'm wondering if this is too similar, and crosses the line into theft or plagiarism, so what is the opinion of the Nerms on this? Thank you!

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So, long time no writing, but today was a busy day so here we go: 

I took down the previous attempt at a scape that had just stagnated, and spent a few hours on my 10 gallon with this as the result: image.png.1802c0e244f7ee6512aba6e069472d06.pngI'm honestly rather proud of how it turned out, however it really does need some time to grow in, and I'm not sure I'm completely satisfied with the background plants right now, as well as the background in general. I'm planning on trying to get a nice carpet on most of the exposed aquasoil areas, and just get a more professional look to the tank.

I additionally went to my LFS, and picked up some amanos for the remaining black beard algae. They're still roughly the size of a cherry shrimp, but looking forward to them being bigger, and seeing what results they might produceimage.png.70c375077f78a8bac1b9d86fb7908d93.png

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