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No don't put back in container, a smaller container can struggle to maintain a stable water quality parameters, from recent experience. If you are treating for worms its a good idea to treat the whole tank. Depending's on the medication you are using, most do not effect plants, it should say in the instructions. If the worms are not coming out of the anus. The last time I been in the fish store 10 gal tanks were only 20 bucks, if you have a bubbler you can hook up a bubble filter and dose with nitrifying bacteria.

If the parasites are internal you can use Culo's medicated food recipe.

Also what are the parameters of the tank.








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I thank you everyone. I took betta out for two hours and treated whole house with Expel P then put betta back in. He did fine. It was the smaller ones on the glass that I was more concerned of being planaria. I did water change next day like directions say.  I’ve seen a few detritus worms since then but not nearly as many. 

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