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Flowerhorn bloated after accident, what to do?


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  • pH - 7.6
  • Nitrates - <20ppm
  • Hardness - 350ppm
  • Nitrite - 0
  • Ammonia - 0
  • KH/Buffer - 230ppm
  • Water Temperature - 78-80F

    2 days ago my flowerhorn accidentally jumped out of the tank (I forgot to put the cover after water changing) while I was showering, he feel about 5 feet onto solid tile floor. I suspect he was about 5 to 10 minutes outside. When I came out he was nearly dried out but still alive. Grabbed him and put him back in his tank.

    He was very lethargic and hanged at the bottom in a corner for the remaining of the day, but next morning he was his usual self. I'd say he's completely fine, aside from his enormous belly that seems to be bloated.

    I am afraid he has any internal damage that would cause dropsy? To be honest I haven't seen him poop not haven't seen any new poop at the bottom. I fed him today but very little. What should I do? Other than his belly he's exactly the same, full of energy and aggressive as always. Notcied his kok is a tiny bit smaller too  :(/

    Any help is appreciated, thanks!
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On 9/11/2022 at 8:16 AM, Colu said:

It more than likely the impact with the floor that has caused the swelling I would add some aquarium salt 1 table for 3 gallons feed lightly for a couple of days to see if the swelling reduces 

Thanks for your help and @Cory's in yesterday livestream! Followed your advice, added salt and raised temp and now this morning he's back to normal! His kok is even bigger now lol.



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