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Have any of you tried tricking a fish into think there were more of it in the tank?


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I actually did the same years ago. A 55g tank I got on Craigslist came with one giant danio in it. I wanted the tank for my goldfish so I tried keeping the danio by himself in a 20g long.

His/her frantic racing back and forth made me crazy, and I thought it might be due to not having others to school with so I cut giant danio silhouettes out of black paper and taped them all going in one direction on the back of the tank.

Yours with the color detail are even better!

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On 9/10/2022 at 7:08 PM, Stroy15 said:

I have two blood fin tetras and the other one is in the hospital so I was trying to make the other one more comfortable because he was surfing the glass while everyone else was not.


Great Idea. In the past, I've used mirrors, but the mirrors double everything in the tank, and outside of the tank..

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