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Ziss hatchery inside tank? Larger brine shrimp?


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So between my cats and my spouse, my ziss hatchery was not viable for the kitchen counter so I started seeking alternative placement. 

I realized it rests perfectly on the side of my tank and I'm wondering if anyone has experience with placing it inside the tank entirely- would be easier to heat/control temperature, right? 

My next question pertains to growing out the brine shrimp a bit. Obviously as they hatch they are tiny. Has anyone experimented with increasing the period after hatch past 24hrs to see if they can get some larger brine shrimp? 


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Growing the brine shrilarger they absorb and use their you’ll making them less nutritious from my understanding.  There was a thread in here fo growing them out. You may be able to find it with the search tool. 
edit add. That lid looks vicious 

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On 8/30/2022 at 9:45 AM, Guppysnail said:

That lid looks vicious 

My cats are determined to eat my angelfish at any and all costs. So far the spikes limit their dexterity enough that they don't start pawing out fish... it doesn't keep them from climbing on the tank, however. 

On 8/30/2022 at 9:55 AM, lefty o said:

float if placed in the tank.

Grr that was my concern- it sank when I tried submerging it (maybe because of the density of the salt water vs freshwater) but it seemed light enough I didn't feel comfortable leaving it to dump on my floor/in the tank

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As I understand it newly hatched have the most nutrition as @Guppysnailsays after that they will grow but they are using up their egg sack reserves to do so but also to swim about.  They can't eat straight away so adding food will just foul the water.

If I remember rightly they can eat after a couple of days but by then the water would be getting very nasty depending on the amount hatched.

Some people restore raise them separately in tank and feed but you would need to take them out of the hatchery.

I feel keeping it in the tank is just extra faff as I never heat or light my hatchery. Handling a wet hatchery to harvest will just make things harder

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I have one of my two zis on the tank similar to the way the picture is. I do like it because the tank temp is 82 and being up on the tank it keeps that 80 degree temp that most people like to see to hatch faster. You can do it 2 ways that I have done. First was an accident. I was in the hospital for about a week and when I got home I had adult size Brine shrimp. The problem I had was getting them out of the ziss them plugged up the bottom. The second is a large muck bucket with a sponge filter in it I put leftover BBS in it and now is is a semi self contained growing platform. I can net out adults but since Brine lay eggs or live birth it depends on how the shrimp are feeling. I have not mastered the hatch in the muck bucket. If you want to grow the in the ziss I would suggest that you try to rinse the shrimp through the sieve just to get waste out. I will feed bakers yeast to them. Just a few pieces as there food. I saw that on YouTube somewhere. 

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