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Microworms (or similar) max temp


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I’m interested in starting a culture of Microworms or something similar to get some live food into the mix.  I’d like to keep the culture in my garage where temps can get hot in the summer - I live in TX.

would I wipe out my culture if they were in 90+ temps?  If Microworms wouldn’t work is there anything else that would?


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90 is pretty toasty for worms it might cook them off. Keep in mind I'm basically up by the sun on the mountain above 9k feet and even 75⁰ is silly hot at this altitude. 

I just temperature gunned my grindal worms that are in my water heater and furnace room ...76⁰ at 9pm up here. I'd guess your garage floor is the coolest part and might be able to sustain grindals. 

My culture is soilless with scotch bright pads. Food is kibble replaced every 3 days and I  rinse each culture with fresh water every food replacement day. Started on 25 may.  no smell plenty of worms for 100 puffer fry, 30 corydoras and some dwarf crayfish. They are around bbs diameter and maybe 1/4" to 1/2" long. 20220727_205841.jpg.a59adcdfa1e3b1e996e26d1cecc827be.jpg

I used the square cut in the top for the paper towel vent hole as the harvesting plastic.20220727_205805.jpg.7d14c2a5974c0f85f7804ea82c97af4b.jpg

I'd guess the culture hits mid 80s air temp at times but i keep them on the concrete floor to keep them as cool as i can. I feed vinegar eels (which I'd bet are fairly bullet proof even at 90⁰), then grindal worms, then whiteworms (those are a little less prolific above 60⁰), then earthworms, cherry shrimp, and snails... depending on the species

I'd consider daphnia as well I'm not sure how they do at high water temperature but with some shade that could probably be a year round live food down in your area. 

Another consideration is peanut beetle larvae if allowed in your area. 

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I’m also in Texas, DFW suburb.  My cultures tend to dry up even indoors, so I imagine that out in the garage they would dry up even faster.  I have to mix my cultures much wetter than in every video or pics I’ve seen and still they usually start to dry up before I’m ready to reset them.  I’m using the fabric covered, vented lids on deli cups from Josh’s Frogs for my cultures.  I keep my house at comfy ranges, 72-74ish, but it creeps up a bit more with the triple digits we’ve been having.  

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