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White blob on guppy fry

David Ellsworth

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I went to feed my guppies this morning and saw all of my fish looked fine except for one little guppy fry. He has a strange white blob/bubble near his backside. Is it something to be concerned about? This is a heavily planted 30 long aquarium that has been set up since July 2020. 


PH: 7.62

Temp: 72.4 F

GH: 180ppm (10 drops)

KH: 50ppm (3 drops)

Ammonia: 0

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 5


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I have one of those too. I always suspected that it was that their yolk sac didn't absorb when it should have. I did euthanize a little one with this, as it wasn't doing well.  But the one I have now is growing just fine, so I'll leave him be.  

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