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Fin/body rot getting worse


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Water Parameters:

  • pH: 6.4
  • Nitrates: 0
  • Hardness: 150
  • Nitrite: 0
  • Ammonia: 0
  • KH/Buffer: 0
  • Water Temperature: 78 

I first noticed my betta's fin rot on 5/18. As its my first time dealing with fin rot and among other things, I didn't know what to look out for and looking back though my pictures, he showed earliest signs in January.

In May, I followed Irene's video on treating fin rot, 1 tsp Ich-X and one packet of Maracyn for a week but saw no improvement. On June 1st, I moved him from my 10G to a 5G quarantine tank with a cycled sponge filter. Then, thinking that the one packet of Maracyn from before may have been too weak of a dosage, I did two rounds of Maracyn. When that didn't work, I started using a level one dosing of aquarium salt on 6/27 and continued using it while starting a round of Maracyn2 on the 29th. Ended up doing two rounds of Maracyn2 but still no improvement. Throughout this time betta has been eating as normal and his activity level is as usual too. I have done routine water changes to the quarantine tank.

The white spot on his body is spreading outwards and I'm worried I won't be able to help him out on time. I would very much appreciate your help and advice. The first picture is from 5/18 and second is 7/8



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From a stream it was recommended to use neoplex specifically for fin rot.  Some bacterial meds may not work depending on which gram negative bacteria you're up against.


Essentially keep the tank/water (no ammonia, no nitrate, nitrates very low) as clean as you can and reduce stress on the fish.  No mulm on the bottom, add an air stone, etc.

I would also add ich-X and salt at this point because you're treating for fungal infection and bacterial in case of secondary / worsening symptoms.

@Colu Can you post the recommendation for neoplex and how to use it?  I don't have a ton of experience with seachem meds.

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As it turning into body rot I would recommend doing combine treatment of kanaplex and jungle fungus clear fizz tab's containing nitrofurazone following this treatment plan the combined treatment provides a broad spectrum antibiotic treatment just a word of caution nitrofurazone isn't shrimp or snail safe and can cause some types of plant to melt back I would quarantine and treat if you can  for severe infection it might take two full course of treatment back to back


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Hello I’m so sorry to hear about your betta baby having troubles with his fins

I have a betta that had torn his lil fin arm on the filter intake of aquarium as soon as we got him now we have a filter sock on the intake. 
So after that he had one short arm and one long so we got daphnia and almond leaf extract and it helped wanders grow his fin back and it was one of the more natural ways to fix the issue of torn fins or fin rot but like they said it may be you need it for something more specific to the issue since it’s spreading. 

we had heard about bettafix but that coats the labyrinth organs and isn’t good for the betta

now the treatments posted before my post I have heard of too from GirlTalksFish she works for aquarium coop 

so that seems like an option too! 
If you go to YouTube and type in

Girl Talks Fish you can see all her betta videos and I’m sure between that and what you hear on here will provide you with some kind of solution! 

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My betta, Hades, passed away on the 26th.

During his last week, he was sleeping most of the time in his cave and the night before, he had a tilt to his left


I had him for a little over a year and he was quite a joy to be with. He was friendly, gentle, and quite the curious one

here's when he was healthy


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