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Ich? Or something else


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Hi all, newbie here. 

Just lost a green tiger barb to what I think is ich, but I'm not sure. None of the other 7 barbs appear to have any spots as of now. I started treating with ich x yesterday. 


Just got these fish yesterday. The one that died was swimming a little weird, and then has just progressively gotten worse. 


Water parameters are good ( even had them double checked at a local fish store. 0 ammonia , 0 nitrites, about 10ppm nitrates when I tested. 


Does it look like ich? Should I just continue treating and watch for symptoms in the other fish?







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Some of the spots look I little bigger than your usually see with ich it could be Epistylis he's how you tell Tell the two apart if it is Epistylis you want to treat with kanaplex in food feeding a small amount twice a day for 7 days 



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On 7/13/2022 at 8:24 AM, Randomflutterby said:

Do I need to treat the other fish? Or should I wait and see if they get it? 

If it's ich, you'd be treating the tank and not just the fish. It uses the substrate as a means of it's lifecycle.

I don't know about the other one, maybe @Colua can confirm on that one.

I had green tigers with ich and it looked pretty similar. Do you see any white spots on their fins themselves or just the body?

I'm seeing it on the fins pretty much exactly what I saw with ich.


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On 7/13/2022 at 10:01 AM, Randomflutterby said:

I'm going to continue to treat for ich just in case I think. Not sure if I should start the food or not though.

With ich you'd still want to do the food as well.

Essentially the ich falls off and then you have wounds and that can lead to secondary infections.


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There might be one spot on one of them now, it's hard to see. I've also noticed some white poop now .I think from the same fish. I'm continuing the ich x.. Should I treat with the kanaplex as you suggested @Colu? Or should I do a parasite treatment? I don't want to stress them to much or freak out and over medicate. 

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If the spots are going I would keep treating with ick x for a couple of days after you see the last spots white poop doesn't always mean your fish have parasites it can poop with no food in it just mucus it you have notice your fish rubbing on objects in the tank rapid breathing hanging near the surface then I would do a course of paracleanse in food its more effective  IMG_20220714_201252.jpg.0758564162779ec1a8331c05d1881092.jpg

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More on the saga of my tiger barbs😂. That one fish is fine now(no idea what changed🤷‍♀️). But I did notice this discoloration on two of the green tiger barbs that the other one doesn't have. Think it's anything to worry about? Internet searches say columnaris... Both fish are eating fine. One might be having swim bladder issues, but hard to really tell. All the fish in my team are still flashing on occasion so I'm continuing the ich x for now. 









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