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Is there any hope for this Blood Fin Tetra


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Nitrate, less than 20

Nitrite, 0

Ammonia, 0

PH, 7

KH, 40

GH, between 120-180

temp 75, although I struggling with my temp in the hospital tank, there have been temperature swings

A little background, around a month ago my ph crash which result in negative side effects of lethargy in this tetra, my attempts to treat him was riddle with errors as the API general cure I gave killed the beneficial which started an fish in nitrogen cycle. 

So, I placed the tetra back in the main tank and it started to get better for two weeks. Although, a few days ago I put some algae fix into the aquarium with a water which I think triggered a negative reaction leading to buoyancy control issues. Leading the fish to swim semi-erratic trying to get some air. 

So, I placed the tetra back into the hospital with lots of aeration and gave it a salt bath with aquarium salt with a spoonful going into the hospital which 7 gallons. 

Edit: I also added some malifix and pimifix into the tank.

No, success. I think the tetra is exhausting himself and lost its ability to keep itself oriented right-side up. And I think my intervention was not helping things.

I think its an internal swim bladder syndrome that was original caused by the PH crash more than a month ago.

Do you think there is any hope? Do you have suggestions?





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It is never fun when you have a sick fish and watching their health slowly decline.  Api general cure doesn't kill your beneficial bacteria (see picture below) I think you are on the right track as far as what you have described.  My guess would be some kind of swim bladder disorder.  I attached a link with some ideas on what you can try.  Swim bladder can be permanet and other times it can be correct.  Either way the fish can still live a health life with some extra care.  Best of luck to your little guy. 





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If it's swim bladder you want to do Epsom salt baths 1 table spoon for 2 gallons for no more than 15 minutes for a couple of days as Epsom salt acts as a muscle relaxants to relieve pressure on the swim bladder 

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Unfortunately the little tetra pass away this morning

I do believe that the problem was caused or exacerbated by internal parasites that I found on the bottom of the tank only the night before and treated with paracleanse and anti-biotics but by that point I think it was to late to save him. 

Can you help I diagnose anything that might be wrong with this fish so I can avoid these problems in the future.

I think the red eyes are from the poor tetra having no swim bladder and laying flat at the bottom of the tank constantly hitting his eye.

For reference the little ball is a piece of samurai soil.






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