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Removing all hair algae from plants being moved


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I have some red root floaters, spangles, and frogbit that I want to move from my 10 gallon to my 55 gallon, but my 10 gallons infested with hair algae. Is there any way I can 100% insure the hair algaes dead on the plant before moving some of them to my 55gallon? Also, I have a bit of surface disturbance from a spray bar in my 55gallon, are there any floating plants that would thrive in that? I need some good plants to absorb nitrates since my tap water reads at 20<.

What if I take the floating plants and put them in a seprate cup filled with tank water with an over dose of flourish excel or easy carbon for about 2 or 3 days?16033241522862873331526886200082.jpg.f6570c6497745d274d86a78d53b7c30d.jpg10 gallon16033241949841675257143849000303.jpg.a28147b899b89c753e8f760e675d39f9.jpg10 gallon floating plants20201021_170305.gif.57a87762e26d42cee7c0cadb2a9b67dc.gifsuface disturbance in 55gallon. Theres a floating leaf to show movement.

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I don't know of a way to get rid of hair algae completely but you could try to hand pick out every bit of hair algae you see. I think that any of the floaters would do fine with that flow. It doesn't seem to be a fast current tank. 

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