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Hello From SD

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Hello all members, lurkers, and anyone in between;

Unfortunately, I am not typing this from sunny San Diego (I don’t mean to stereotype, I just don’t have the motivational drive to open my phone and ask what the weather is like in San Diego). I am typing from humble Sioux Falls, South Dakota. I formerly lived in the suburbs of Minneapolis, MN, but moved to Sioux Falls for school where I anticipate being for the foreseeable future.  

My origin story, as Mr. Aquarist Podcast Randy likes to ask, begins on a bus ride my freshman year of high school (2012).  Two of my best buddies were talking about their fish and aquariums, while I was left out of the conversation as I had no meaningful input. I don’t remember what fish they were discussing at the time, but I knew I had to get an aquarium for myself.  Soon after that fateful day, I went to Petsmart with my mom to purchase my first aquarium which was a standard twenty gallon aquarium package.  At this point, I unlocked Pandora’s box. I didn’t know it at the time, but I was getting into a life long hobby I know I will be a part of forever.  

In the years to come, I would inherit tanks from both the two friends who’s parents were sick of their fish.  I received a 55 gallon and a 10 gallon with the standard thunder dome mix of cichlids and other oddballs.  I would eventually give away all of the fish I had inherited to start my journey in African Cichlids which was my hobby until I moved for college.  In my high school years (2012-2016) I consumed content from Dustin at Dustin’s Fish Tanks and @Cory. I enjoyed Dustin’s shorter videos and high energy, but I also enjoyed Cory’s long, conversational style Daily-dose videos.  

In my college years, I would range from having a single 10 gallon to building my own aquarium racks, breeding fish in outdoor tubs, and doing other experiments with live foods.  All of this is due to my first two years being in a small dorm room versus my last two years renting a house from my college baseball coach who literally could not kick us out, so I took full advantage of the opportunity to expand.  I found myself cementing my passion in breeding fish when I bred German Blue Rams for the first time.  I would go on to breed several other species, but I enjoyed observing behaviors like social hierarchy, territorial disputes, courtship and spawn preparation in all of the species I kept.

I am now in a transitional phase in my hobby.  I am renting an apartment with my significant other, consolidating tanks, and trying to find a configuration I like ascetically while being functional for my needs.  Ultimately, I would like to experiment more with breeding species, but for now, space is at a premium. So, for now, trying to enjoy and breed a few species to keep my name in the hat at the local fish store.

I am excited to learn from all the other members as I continue my journey. I also hope I can be a source of knowledge, all be it limited, to other members on the forum, as well.  I will sign off with a few pictures from my extensive picture archives of successes, failures, and things I have learned along the way.













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