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Yellow white cloud (Tanichthys kuehnei) with bulge on head and bulging eyes


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Dear friends,


I could really use some advice on a concerning development in my 40 gallon breeder aquarium.  I have a yellow white cloud (Tanichthys kuehnei) in my tank with a bulge on his head and slightly protruding eyes (can't see in this photograph).

I change my water every 2 weeks (just did one last evening in fact) and my water chemistry is as follows:

pH: 6.4

Hardness: 75 ppm

Alkalinity: 0 (I use Controsoil, which buffers the water to 6.4 using an organic acid buffer.  So, the alkalinity reading *should* be 0.)

Ammonia: 0, as you'd expect at such a low pH

Nitrite: 0

Nitrate: 20 - 50 ppm

The temperature ranges between 72 and 74 F (I don't use a heater)

Fish: 14 Tanichthys albonubes, 16 Tanichthys micagemmae, and 16 Tanichthys kuehnei

I'm concerned by the appearance of this disease because it indicates that I am either not performing routine maintenance (which is not so), or, more alarmingly, that the water parameters I'm keeping the fish in aren't appropriate for the species.  I'm also keeping them with Tanichthys albonubes and Tanichthys micagemmae, and these water conditions seem to be doing quite well for them.  The other Tanichthys kuehnei fish also seem fine, though, I have to say.  They're growing and spawning.


I don't know what the bulge on the fish's head is.  It *could* be an injury I suppose, but I know that in injuries typically only 1 eye is affected.  As a precaution, I'm already treating with Maracyn, since the eyes are slightly bulged.  The fish's activity and appetite seems normal, so hopefully I caught it early enough to treat. 

@WhitecloudDynasty any advice on how this could have happened, and if I should treat further beyond Maracyn?


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It could be a growth behind the eyes or something else going on what I would do is a course of maracyn2 in food active ingredient is minocycline has proven effective at sinking some types of lumps and will treat any possible bacterial infection


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Really appreciate your help as always @Colu!!


I hope that this is just a one-off sort of thing, and not an indication that my water chemistry won't suit this fish species long term.  I had thought their care requirements were the same as other white cloud species. 

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It looks like a growth, I have seen something similar like this on my cloud before, it normally heal but don't ever look the same.

I normally treat it with salt and maracyn. 3 table of salt for every 10gallon and it it sit for 1or 2 week.


As for what you was talking earlier, white cloud can adapt to any setup pretty well, when I notice any stress for any reason I'll do a waterchange and add salt thatll normally take care of the problem before anything worse show up.

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