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Worms?; Please Advise


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After two months of quarantining in a 10G and treat initially with the Co-Op's trio, I finally moved my Red-Eyed Tetras and three Panda Cories into my 80G (first crew, apart from an Otto and Amono Shrimp). THEN, this morning, I went to turn on the lights for the 10G only to see white, worm-like things swimming in the water column. I was really disappointed that after two months of quarantining the fish may have had worms all along. 😔

I managed to use a pipette to extract two of these white "worms" (see image below). I decided to see what a small amount of Expel-P would do and so I decided to treat the tiny measuring cup. Almost instantly the two "worms" disintegrated into brown pulps (see images below). 🤯

This leads to a two to questions for the Forum:

1) How likely is the possibility of these white, worm-like things to be parasitic worms?🪱

2) Expel-P seems to have been highly effective in dealing with these things, therefore, should I assume the Tetras and Cories may be infected and treat the 80G with Expel-P? Unfortunately, the 80G is a tall, cylindrical aquarium so netting the fish out would be really difficult and stressful (for my sanity and the fish, too); I would rather pay for more Expel-P😅

I had a video to show the things moving about, but I was unable to add to this Forum. 

Other suggestions are welcome.




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