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How many Catappa Leaves?


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It might have to be a significant sum- here's why I think so. I use 2 Catappa leaves to make a "tea" in a stock pot and then use that to help fill 1 gallon jugs (about 2-3 cups of tea per jug give or take). I use this water to do water changes in all my tanks. I've been doing this for months and there has been no waiver in my ph which is 7.4-7.6 in my tanks OTHER than my 4 gallon cube which did make it to 6.8. I'd say start with 3 or 4 if you're putting them directly in the tank and see what they do. 

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If you really want to drop the Ph, I would start with water that has little to no Kh. The impact of catalpa leaves or peat moss will have greater influence over water that has no buffering capacity. 

I find filling a box filter with Fluval peat granules works well (but its effectiveness is relative to your water's buffering capacity). I like the Fluval granules because they don't need to be rinsed for fine particles and don't change the water color much. 

But, you asked about catalpa leaves, so I can address those as well . . . . . When I use those for fish that like a low Ph, I just put in a bunch. I don't get shy with the amount. My feeling is there is no way to dial in Ph with leaves, you either affect it a lot or a little or somewhere in-between that.  🙂

I'd advise you to put a few in and test over the course of a week or two. Then adjust based on your readings. Keep in mind that water changes will reset the Ph a bit, if your water has an appreciable amount of Kh.

For me, for fish that like to breed at a low Ph, I use a mix of buffering substrate and peat granules in a box filter. Then I put in some oak or catalpa leaves for 'ambiance' !

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