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Tiger barbs color change?


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My glofish have slowly become more silver and the emeralds are developing a light spot between body and tail. My question is, is this natural with age? I've had the larger barbs for around 2 years and the smaller barbs since Feb of this year. There's also 2 bull heads(local stream) and 2 Chinese algae eaters(1 too many).

  I've tried api phdown with zero success, hoping that's the issue. I found a rock with lime and removed it yesterday. It was in the tank for about a year. There's been no die off or behavior changes. Water temp is 78-84. My thermostat is digital and is terribleness.1653421367484578485620943308578.jpg.5311087c7b38e481f9a72f0a9cad0ec2.jpg1653421789665387990374938044318.jpg.f30f7e5b0844bf9761625bc83e7bb7ef.jpg

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