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Found 5 results

  1. My glofish have slowly become more silver and the emeralds are developing a light spot between body and tail. My question is, is this natural with age? I've had the larger barbs for around 2 years and the smaller barbs since Feb of this year. There's also 2 bull heads(local stream) and 2 Chinese algae eaters(1 too many). I've tried api phdown with zero success, hoping that's the issue. I found a rock with lime and removed it yesterday. It was in the tank for about a year. There's been no die off or behavior changes. Water temp is 78-84. My thermostat is digital and is terribleness.
  2. My pleco is about 4 years old and is fairly large, healthy, and active. About two months ago I noticed a small orange spot on his underside and now it is growing. Just worried and can’t find anything online that looks similar. Any suggestion?
  3. Hello all, I’ve noticed these yellowish spots on 2 of my 5 bristlenose plecos. 1 has a spot on its tail, 2nd is on the side of the others head. Any idea what they could be? Thanks! 0 ammonia and nitrite, 20 nitrate, 7.5 ph, 260 ppm, 150 gh, 100 kh. 80F
  4. Hi everyone, I’ve found a lot of helpful information on this forum and I’m looking for some guidance. I left town for about a week and came back to find these on our aquarium wall by the top of the water. I tried to find some kind of identification for these tiny brown specks in our tank, but the closest I could find looked like a parasite so I’m concerned. We have some copepods in our tank, but these do not seem to move. Some background of our tank: 5 gallon Ph: 8.0 Ammonia: 0 ppm Nirtrite: 0 ppm Nitrate: 5 ppm Filtered (no chemical) Heated to approximately 79 F 1 Betta fish 1 Nerite snail Weekly water test (with API Freshwater kit) & change We’d really appreciate any help or advice you have as to what they are and how we can get rid of these if we need to!
  5. Hi all! One of my ember tetras has this white bulge on the side. She's quite bloated too but it looks like it's because she's pregnant (a couple of others look like that too sometimes). She's active and swimming with the school. She's in a fairly planted 10 gallon with 8 more embers, a female betta, 2 nerites and some amano shrimp. Water parameters are: Ammonia: 0 Nitrite: 0 Nitrate: 25 GH: 300 KH: 80 PH: 7.4 No new additions in about 6 months and temperature is a steady 78° Any ideas what it could be?
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