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Hello From Maryland.

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Hello. I'm Timm. Nice to meet you all. Got into the hobby a few months ago, and have been hooked since. I have a 10 gallon aquarium with live plants, mollies, and neocaridina shrimp. It started as something to do with the kids, but they lost interest pretty quickly. Luckily its not a chore for me. I quite enjoy taking care of them. aquarium.jpg.38de3a3010feaba18483db0f79e18ad6.jpg

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Welcome Timm! Kids make the hobby interesting for sure, but sometimes it's hard for them to have the patience to stick with it through everything.

My 11 year old took over my 46G which I've had running for 20 years now and while I do all the care and maintenance, he has final say. I had to get myself a new tank when he moved rooms and took *his* tank with him. 

I converted it to a planted tank "for the health of the fish" and removed all the plastic decorations and glass beads. It wasn't long before all the glass beads made their way back in the tank because it wasn't colorful enough for him. :classic_laugh: 

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