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Light schedule for fluaval flex 32

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On 5/12/2022 at 6:37 PM, Stephen Zawacki said:

Hey guys I have a planted fluval flex 32 gallon mainly with swords and Crypts , I will attach my lighting schedule below let me know if this seems good don’t want a algae explosion. 

I'd point you to Bentley's light guides for those specific fixtures. I'd pull blue way down.  Depending on cover you might have to pull it down to 50-60% (hard to know without the scape/demand) and just keep an eye if algae is starting to form.  If it does, then I would go ahead and pull blue way down, and pull the others down appropriately.

I run a 90 minute sunrise/set.  Yours looks fine too.  The only real question I have is the length of time at that strength.  Keep an eye out. reduce it if you need to.

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