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Fancy/Fantail "Accidental" breeding

Penny Jeter

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We had what we had believed to be two female fantails.
We quickly discovered the 1.5 year old fantail must've been a bit older than that, and not a female 🙂

The pair are 'prolific breeders.' Every  1.5 to 2 weeks since January (cold upper midwest too) the bottom of their 40g is littered with eggs.
We harvested the second set of eggs (~150)from them, hoping to see about a 30% -50% survival rate. Curiosity more than anything. We have not harvested any eggs since then, as that would exceed my resources.

91 eggs hatched. Out of the 91, currently about 81 are still alive. We humanely euthanized only for mouth and gill defects, or severe fin defects...not for aesthetics or minor fin deviations(e.g a split tail fin or spiked dorsal)--its not my intent to engage in any debate on this.
It is a strong belief of my wife.

About 2/3 of the juveniles (now about 4 months out) are a pale pink to peach to orange color, with the "black button" eye. Darn cute.
About  1/3  are a more typical bronzy/yellow metallic color, with the smaller black "pupil or iris" in the metallic larger eye.

They've been well cared for (water, feedings, multiple tanks, etc) and of course this cost will most certainly exceed any  recoup we could possibly make. We are not professional breeders, but what I like to call "accidental" breeders.


  1. Is there any resource out there to confirm species/sub-species of goldies?
    I realize Fantails are not the biggest ticket nor the most glamorous breed, but they're what we love and have cared for for 12+ years. 
  2. I am not expecting to profit or break even (with this pair and their regular breeding, it could be possible-- but  our hobby resources and tank space have been fully tapped out ) but what is an amount for a healthy, well-card for juvenile.
    I've heard numbers from 1 -5 dollars?


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With no pedigree goldfish sell for what the market can bear. I would say $5 or a little more is reasonable for healthy hobbyist bred goldies. 

The brown ones will be interesting as they typically turn gold or black. The white/pink/peach ones will slowly add and subtract color. They'll be great looking. 

These would be wonderful fish for summer tubbing. Would love some for my 50 g pond. 

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Thanks all.

Yeah, it’s super cute when they swim up to the glass when we approach the tanks and see those big eyes waiting for food. We noticed some developing black patches. Maybe some calicos?

I’ll have to try and post the parents. Been so busy maintaining all the tanks and keeping parameters up after work.
The breeding has been extremely regular since January (so cold weather initially). Between 100 and 200 eggs (which we’ve allowed to be devoured after that hatch group since I’m pretty tapped out with space for tanks, etc.) every two weeks.

I noticed the female has gotten lighter in color, slightly bigger, and more aggressive with the male/bullying. I suppose alll that egg laying must be exhausting 😉

Do those who do this regularly know what grow size most fish reach for sale?

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