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Odessa Barbas have gotten a taste for floating plants.

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I doubt anything is wrong I do not believe I’m under feeding the fish and have tried to compensate but my Odessa barbs seem to enjoy grazing on the root systems of my floating plants. I think the plants can manage but there be something I’m missing that I might need to address? I just want to make sure both my plants and animals are both healthy. 

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Yeah… this happens sometimes. Ive had Buenos Aires Tetras that would shred plants.

Try this: (1) Remove plants to temporary digs (2) Feed Omega One Kelp flakes + Bug Bites Spirulina Flakes for two weeks until they switch to expecting that each day.

Then add plants back in…

(fingers crossed 🤞 😬)

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Make sure you're feeding enough spirulina flake for the barbs.  They are going to graze on surfaces they want to eat and going to end up either attacking one another or other biofilms, algae, mulm, plants, etc.  If that is the norm, it's perfectly fine.  If it's an issue, just slightly increase feeding.

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