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  1. I don’t see any wounds on her nor does she seem sick aside from hiding. I only have one male to 3 females in the tank including Speckles
  2. My platy girl speckles is constantly staying out of sight and I’m worried somethings wrong with her. She’s one of three females I have with one male. The other three platies swim around the tank all day and eat well. Speckles will eat too but when food is not out she hides away from me. Is this just behavior that happens or is speckles having problems?
  3. He is very nice to the other fish no one bullies' him, and he just vibes around the tank minding his business, he has been in the tank for about a week or so. when I go to feed the fish because of the platies I spread the food s far as possible. he will see it but never go for it. I am just not sure what is up with him.
  4. I have a 20 gallon long tank thats got a big clump of horn wort floating along the top of the tank. The Honey Gourami has been voraciously tearing into it recently and has not been seen eating anything else. It has been going to the bathroom consistently so its eating but I have not seen it eat anything other then hornwort. I have fed him fish flakes, vibra bites, and even betta pellets. What am I missing here?
  5. Update: saw my boi on the glass not sure what is his stomach so I’ll post a picture of him sorry if the qualities a bit poor
  6. Gotta new hillstream loach for my 20 gallon long with 6 Odessa Barbs the barbs have been in the tank for around a year or so and haven’t bothered the loach at all. When it’s feeding time they gather at the top and do their usual frenzy. I drop a pellet in elsewhere and while they sometimes peck it the barbs leave it alone. I have yet to see the hillstream loach actually munch on the wafer but it’s always gone later. If any of y’all have tips for me to be sure my new guys is happy and healthy that would be great. He moves around the tank throughout the day almost never moves when I’m there just vibes along the walls and my plants.
  7. I doubt anything is wrong I do not believe I’m under feeding the fish and have tried to compensate but my Odessa barbs seem to enjoy grazing on the root systems of my floating plants. I think the plants can manage but there be something I’m missing that I might need to address? I just want to make sure both my plants and animals are both healthy.
  8. Living in seattle area enjoy those fiery fish personalities
  9. Oh yeah sorry they were long fin tiger barbs obviously the name discouraged me from putting nice little babies with them.
  10. Understandable I figured as much but I dream. Would Cory’s perhaps be able to deal with them or if I do barbs would I have to do exclusively barbs?
  11. Am I crazy to think to Put them in a 20 gallon long tank? Also I do love Siamese algae eaters are they fast enough to deal with long fin barbs? My original plan for the tank was platies and honey gouramis. I am a beginner with a 10 gallon with a happy betta fish and a empty 20 gallon tank that’s just been growing happy plants for 3 weeks now. Been trying to figure out how and what to stock the tank with. Got too many good idea and no trigger pull.
  12. @Patrick_G yeah at first I didn’t think much of them but their behavior is just so cool to watch especially with a school of them in the tank. Also looking into those chili rasboras they sound awesome and a big schooling fish I’ll definitely have them in the tank.
  13. Yeah that’s basically what I wanted out of the tank but there just so many choices of small fish that all look so cool it’s really hard to decide so I’m just trying to base it off of who would live well with some gouramis. I was thinking either false Julii or panda Cory fish to be my bottom feeders. But again I don’t wanna overstock the tank. Decisions decisions I haven’t heard of chili rasboras I will look into those. They sound very interesting.
  14. Would you say rams require a good attention to detail care or are they pretty stable once you get the basic water parameters setup
  15. I have heard little information on rams though I am a beginner I am worried they require some good care that I may be unable to provide easily. Though the minnows are interesting I would like a small shoaling fish as I like keeping fish with groups.
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