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Nothing makes sence! no planeria help!!!

Aqua junky

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No planeria for my tank. Ive got a fluval ebt 2.6 gallon shrimp tank and im trying to do the math with little success. Directions says one spoon full for 50 litres/13 gallons.  How the heck do I figure out how much to use for 2.6G?  Normally im good at this but this time its got me flustered HELP. I also thought maybe I could mix 13 gallons of water and than add by doing a 50%water change with the 13 gallons of the premixed

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On 4/24/2022 at 8:40 AM, Aqua junky said:

Mix a full dose in a single cup of water? How would I than dumb it down?

As an example, suppose you needed 1/2 teaspoon of medicine for your tank, but you only had a teaspoon measure. Rather than guess on what is 1/2 full teaspoon measure, you dissolve a full teaspoon in a full cup of water. You can then dose 1/2 cup into your tank, but this assumes that you have a 1/2 cup measure. 

Your tank is 2.6g. Dosing is 1 spoon for 13g. 

You need 2.6/13 of a spoon to dose your tank. Or 1/5 a spoon.

If all else fails, you could measure 1 spoon. Into 1 1/4 cup of water, then use 1/4 cup for your tank. I chose 1 1/4 cup so that the volume would be divisible by 5. This is wasteful, because you are discarding the other 4/5 .

Note that technically you are just dosing the water in your tank and not the hardscape. You would need to have measured the volume of water to fill the tank to be sure. Many ignore this and just dose for the tank size.

If you get an accurate scale, you can weigh out one spoon, the calculate the needed weight for 1/5 spoon.


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Boy yall make me feel retarded lol. Thanks to all that helped. I ended up buying a digital scale and measured out one spoonfull than divided from there to get an accurate amount. Hopefully it helps. I wouldnt worry to much but these Shrimp were very expensive at $25/ shrimp and Ive read the planeria is ruff on the baby shrimp

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