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40 gallon parrot cichlid tank mate


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It all depends on the blood parrot. In a 36 gallon my little guy was honestly a little too aggressive for any companions. He stressed other fish out even though he couldn’t hurt them. 

Now in a 75, he is reigning tank boss over some angels, some Yoyo loaches, a polar parrot, and a severum. He can’t really pick on any of them because if he’s off chasing the severum the yo-yos are dancing on his bed, etc. 

So the challenge is do you have enough real estate for 2+ more fish (my tank was a bow front and not very wide which didn’t help) and what will be assertive enough to handle your parrot while not being too aggressive?

If I had to chose one from my current mix it’d be the angels or the polar parrot. They are not as large but they’re still able to hold their own provided there’s space for everyone. 

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