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  1. I have 8 harlequin rasboras 2 angels 1 bolivan ram 3 corys what can i add to my tank in a 53 gallon
  2. I just want to keep fancy pleco in a tank by itself what size would i need their will no other fish
  3. I have a young blood parrot what type of fish should i put with him
  4. Parrot cichlid 2 x blue acara and a green terror and snowball pleco does that work for two years in 55 and can i add more
  5. Will a parrot cichlid an oscar a snowball pleco and two severums work for 2 years in a 55 gallon if i buy them as junivelles
  6. I have filter on it for a 75 gallon and can do water changes every 3 days do you have any suggestions for the parrot and the snowball pleco what i can add to it
  7. I want to put a parrot cichlid a jack dempsey and a snowball pleco can i add any more as im only keeping them in this tank for two years and im buying them as junivelles
  8. Tiger barbs and parrot chichlid and clown loaches in a 40 gallon tank how many should i put in
  9. Want can i put in with a blood parrot in a 42 gallon until its two years old doing water changes every couple of days
  10. 2x bolivan rams 2xapistos 1 x snowball pleco 6 x ember tetras 6 x galaxy rasbora in a 42 gallon with measurements of 100cm x 40 cm x 40cm is that ok to have
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