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Is it okay to visit Greg Sage for fun?


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Hey everyone! I just realized that my little sister lives maybe 30 minutes from Greg Sage. I think she and her boyfriend would really love to see Greg’s setup, and I’d love to live vicariously through her 😍 but they’re not fishkeepers and aren’t going to be buying anything from him. I’m just wondering if Greg enjoys giving people educational tours, or if that would be a bother.

My sister and her boyfriend are easily excited and curious people who are environmentally conscientious (he does solar, she does grants for sustainable food systems, and they’re both vegan), and I’ve transferred a decent amount of my fish excitement to her, so I’m not worried about whether Greg would feel appreciated. I just don’t want to even suggest the idea to her unless I think Greg would enjoy a visit. I know he’s a busy guy so I thought I’d ask the forum before pursuing the idea.

Is it bad that I’ve never gone to visit her in CO but I’m thinking about it now that I know Greg lives nearby? 😆

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