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How much food per guppy


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How many guppies do you have, and what size tank? Per guppy would be a very small amount

This  is the amount of flake food I would feed 10 guppies, 2x per day. A small pinch. It's a teaspoon in the picture, for size reference.

They will beg all the time. You'll have to remind yourself (at least I do) that you'll do more harm than good if you overfeed, generally speaking. 


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Frozen foods are great, if you're up for the extra work and have a local store that sells them. Frozen daphnia, bloodworms, and frozen brine shrimp would all be good for guppies. 

If you want dry food, I think aquarium co-op sells some of the best foods on the market. The xtreme krill flakes, extreme spirulina flakes and hikari guppy food would both be good options. You can look at them here- 


Not sure which fish food is best? Browse our curated list of high-quality fish foods to make sure your fish get a wide variety of essential nutrients.


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