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Plants outside your aquarium?


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Just a peek at few faves of mine from around the house, as I have WAY too many...  And please excuse me while I nerd out about them. 

A golden pothos on my studio shelves...  I know pothos are boring in the plant world, but I'm a sucker for big green leafy easy plants.  😂



A jade and a donkey tail that are currently quarantining in my entry way because they have spider mites...  Oops.



A philodendron brasil on the shelf above the new tank...  She's new to the pack and I can't wait for her to start vining!


Snake plant in my livingroom...  I got this plant as one teeny tiny leaf in a pot about a year ago, so she's doing well!  


Peace lily...  in full bloom.  I am OBSESSED with her.  Most rewarding and "vocal" plant I've ever owned.


a pepperomia tradescantia (which I think I am overwatering, oopsie) and a pepperomia "happy bean" in the background, also in my livingroom.  



A monstera adensonii and another little pothos in my foyer...  My monstera adensonii was doing SO WELL last summer, huge green leaves and TONS of new growth, and then over the winter she started to shrivel up...  Not sure she loves the New Hampshire winters...  I may need to find her a warmer spot.


a baby maranta that I ordered online...  She came with 1 leaf, and is up to 6, and she just up and decided to flower this week.  Does anyone else feel like a rockstar when their house plants flower?  Just me?  LOL.


A syngodium podophylum (I think?) that sits on my dining room table...  I don't tend to do well with these and she's only been here a few months, so we'll see how this goes.  IMG_4545.jpg.b47c8edb00e2a7ca657051a19f9a2825.jpg


And last but not least a teeny tiny philodendron scandens that i just got yesterday - I think my obsession with philodendron is becoming a problem for me, because I buy every single one I see, OOPS!

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My fig tree and his little buddy the rosemary bush can't wait to go back outside. Soon, soon.


And I just gained custody of, no joke, a 6-foot tall cactus of some kind named Carl. And I have no idea what to do with him:


His original family had to move cross-country and asked if I could care for him. I figure / hope he's been alive for at least 10 years, so I probably can't screw it up too badly! 

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