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  1. A closer look at the Yellow White Clouds at Aquarium Co-Op
  2. Those are the vienna guppies. The one's that Cory brought over the pond. Stunning fish. We sell them at Aquarium Co-Op retail store. 🙂
  3. My gf got a stocking for her betta tank lol
  4. I never seen the word coalesced in text. A very weird one. haha Thank you for your continued support as always. When I took this job we were around 40k subscribers, I thought this would be the best way to hone my editing capabilities and get my work seen. Now we're sitting 500k strong and I work on the videos knowing they'll be watched by such an amazingly vocal and for lack of a better term "nontoxic" community. So THANKS for all the comments, likes, dislikes and endless posts. Have a Happy Thanksgiving! CHEERS
  5. My little 3 gallon is thriving with baby shrimp and baby snails.
  6. Should just have a long lens with a camera in the crows nest and just take photos of wildlife whenever possible.
  7. Enjoying some snow capped mountains and pearling Dwarf Baby Tears.
  8. Made some small adjustments to the live stream camera today. 📸
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