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  1. Yeah, I've never had a problem with bulbs before, so this one stumped me as well.
  2. My dwarf aquarium lily (Nymphaea stellata) only seems to be producing stunted/tiny leaves instead of large ones with long stems. I have a red tiger lotus that seems to be fine, and other plants are doing well, but this one just doesn't want to grow. 😄 It's been in there for 6 months or so, and has never really done more than in the pictures. It's a bit back in a corner, so maybe it doesn't have enough light? Wouldn't that make the plant extend further instead of just sending up tiny leaves? I don't think it's a nutrient issue, but maybe? Do I need to nestle the bulb down in the substrate more (it got dug up by some snails and is almost on the surface)? Any ideas as to why it's so stunted?
  3. I don't think plants really transmit fish diseases. I would look at other factors which people have mentioned.
  4. My snails looking at this tank like 😍😍😍 Like other said, it's perfectly normal.
  5. I like buce, but they can be pretty expensive. One reason I have generally avoided them. One of my absolute favorite plants is African water fern (Bolbitis heudelotii). It grows like an anubias, but provides a different texture in my tanks. Like many of these types, it's a slow grower, but once it gets going, I think they're one of the best.
  6. @Fish FolkYou don't have any issues with the bulb being buried so deep? I thought you were only supposed to bury it about half way down? I have a lily currently that I buried half way and I have only gotten (a lot of) little leaves. Maybe mine is lacking enough light, but I wonder if burying it deeper might be better.
  7. Glass blowing is such an interesting hobby/profession! You should check out the custom glass Murphy (@Cory's mbu puffer and Co-Op mascot) that Jimmy had made for him. (at around 0:01:50 of a recent livestream if the time code didn't embed) I can't wait to see more photos/future builds. Well done.
  8. Is it purely how many you can eat in a sitting? In a certain time period? Fastest to eat X number?
  9. Well deserved. Can't wait to see the unboxings! 😃
  10. Welcome to the forum. Would love to see some pics of your tank!
  11. Putting together an Aquarium Co-op order and realized I have an empty Easy Planter. What is the best plant I should try to fill it with? I am leaning against a stem plant, but worry about something like a sword plant outgrowing the pot and getting it nutrients. Do you think that is a reasonable worry? My options for this tank: Java fern Dwarf sag Dwarf chain sword Anubias coffeefolia Cryptocoryne Wendtii Green Cryptocoryne Tropica Has anyone had bad luck with any of these in their Easy Planter? Which ones do you think will work best? Any I should avoid? (I have multiple places in the tank I could put it, so foreground/background, etc. is not really a concern at this point.) Thanks.
  12. I second the red tiger lotus. Amazingly easy and a nice, interesting color. Doesn't need a ton of light and is so simple. Looks great against a field of green.
  13. The 40 and 80 are indistinguishable on the API test. If there is ANY difference in the color on the chart, I can't differentiate.
  14. Like @Trishsaid, this is just part of their pattern. Very common. Also very desirable with certain color patterns/breeders.
  15. @StephenP2003Does your subwassertang actually attach to your tree, or is is just kept on purely via fishing line?
  16. I don't know anything about turtles, but is there any way he could get stuck in there? Probably not, right?
  17. @Betsy@Anita I use bendy straws in a tank or two of mine too. I'm just super posh like that. 😅 I remember when I upgraded to airline tubing in my other tanks I felt so sophisticated.
  18. Congrats you three! Can't wait to see the unboxings! Always exciting. Well deserved.
  19. What fish/snails do you have in the tank? Almost always when I have a plant get uprooted it's due to a snail getting extra ambitious to get down beside/below a bulb to get to the good stuff. They'll push it around a bit and it will "pop up" out of the substrate. It's a little annoying, but shouldn't be too detrimental to the lily.
  20. The low end of mystery snails is often cited as ~10 degrees Celsius (so around 50 Fahrenheit). But obviously that's the extreme. Most mystery snail aficionados would probably recommend not going lower than about 60 degrees. Snail is still going to have a tough go of things, and growth may be inhibited at that temp as well. Mystery snails are naturally found in much warmer water, which is one reason they work so well in our typical aquariums.
  21. I also learned this the hard way. Adapter was on pretty tight, so I was just gripping harder and harder and not even noticing it was slicing up my thumbs/the meat between thumb and index finger (on both hands). Rough couple of days after that. Definitely won't make that mistake again.
  22. A few questions: What type of plants have you tried so far? What are your water parameters (pH, temp, typical nitrate level, etc.)? Do you have any fish that would be destroying the plants? What type of substrate are you using? What kind of light are you using, and for how long each day? Welcome to the forum. We'll try our best to help you reach success.
  23. I am so jealous of everyone's plants. My dinky little pothos and poinsettia just don't stack up.
  24. Sustainable joy is a perfect description of why many of us got into the hobby. I think deep down that's all anyone wants. Welcome to the forum.
  25. Hahaha. I love the jungle. Any livestock in there yet?
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