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Hello All! Just Saying Hello!

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I'm usually not much of one to talk on forums, but after watching the youtube channels, I thought I might give it a try. I recently came back to the hobby in early January after a 5 year hiatus. I had moved and the move killed everything, my fish, my plants, all of it and I was so devastated that I just let the hobby go and my tank collect dust. I forgot how much I enjoyed the suspense of it all. Will any of them breed and if so what colors will I see?


I have no returned and I currently have two tanks a 10G that has some live plants, a male betta that i got quite small and didn't even know what his fin/tail structure would be, 5 danios, a black mystery snail, and a few cherry shrimp. The other tank is a 29G and currently has a dalmation platy, 3 corys, several guppies (including fry that are less than a week old) some baby mystery snails, and an Otto. I have really been struggling with the guppies this go around, so I may end up transitioning over to something else but I haven't decided yet. I am also conducting research into the different varieties of puffers as I'd like to get one someday, but I am nowhere near ready for that, much more research is needed and work getting ready for it.







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Welcome! I am a completely new to the hobby as of a little over a month ago and I am loving this forum 🙂

I currently have a betta, and I have 2 mystery snails and 6 albino corydoras coming in this week that will all go in my 29-gallon tank once it finishes cycling (need to add more plants) and the fish have quarantined.

I've heard guppies can be a lot of fun!

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