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Separating Blue Gold Guppies


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I've had success raising Cherry Barbs, Swordtails and Guppies in my 75 gal but these little Japan blue gold guppies are so small that the fry seldom survive. I decided it was time to pull a batch and see if I have a better survival rate in a separate tank. I pulled 14 last night and they're currently in a three gallon. They'll stay there while I make space for them in a bigger tank. I added a pic of dad so you can see what they'll look like. 



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On 3/24/2022 at 3:48 PM, lefty o said:

the other fish must find blue and gold extra tasty. a few weeks to put on some size should greatly increase the survival rate.

 When my swordtail fry started getting big the guppy fry disappeared. Probably not coincidence. 

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