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Baby Java ferns

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As I understand it, these are new Java ferns sprouting from the leaves of my existing ones.

Will they eventually detach by themselves or will I need to detach them manually? If manually, at what point should I do so?


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You can usually detach them once the roots reach at least an inch long.  They will sometimes detach themselves if there is enough current, or they get knocked against during cleaning/maintenance, or if your fish are vigorous/active enough.  If you don’t manage them, they are known to float around until they get stuck against, and grow into, your sponge pre-filter.  Ask me how I know.  😉 

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Once they are detached you can just "plant" them and they will grow, right?

EDIT: I had this page open for a while and didn't see lefty o's reply. Looks like they answered my question. 🙂

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