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Corydoras and aquarium salt?


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Think some salt will be ok for the more hard cories like aeneus. Do you change water before you add salt each time if not the rate is going to be higher than if there is a water change. Remember that the salt will not evaporate and is only removed through water changes. After 4 water changes. You would have a salt content of 1.324 Tbsp with a 50%!water change. That would be my concern with Cory’s is the build up of salt over slowly harming the Cory’s. I was salt in my tanks some times and have no problems but there is not the constant  addition. Of salt even if in low slow increase. I then it can be do and I would bet after more people answer would say they do this and don’t have a problem. I think it will weaken them and kill over time. If you are using a refractometer to measure salt I think you could have some cories  with no problems.  I hope this is easy to understand about salt build up. 

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