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New Plant Keeper Questions

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Hi everyone,

I am new to keeping plants and came across this forum after doing my first order from the Coop. Few questions. 

- Looks like shipping was delayed an extra few days so the plants will be here Monday. They were shipped on the 3rd so 5 days in transit. Will the plants be ok that long? (Anubias nana petite , Anubias Barteri  and Java ferns)

- I am using a Kessil a80 tuna sun over a 10g tank. How long should my light cycle be and at what brightness?

- How often should I dose easy green? I water change 25-50 percent a week as this tank is moderately stocked. 

Thank you so much in advance to any help on these questions. 

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Your plants should be fine.  The Coop packs them very well, and I’ve had plants delayed without any issues.  But if the come in beat up or something, e-mail customer service.  They are great about getting back to u.


I know nothing about ur light, so……

I would start with one pump a week and test your water daily to get a feel for things.  You want your nitrates between 20-40 ppm, if they u can’t keep them in that range adjust accordingly.  

good luck




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On 3/5/2022 at 9:08 PM, SkaleyAquatics said:

As said above your plants should be fine. 

Are you using co2? Either way I would start at 60% brightness for 8 hours, you can choose to do a siesta or not it's up to you. 

Nah no CO2 just doing low tech epiphyte plants. Hopefully I can keep them alive for a while and then move onto more difficult ones lol. 

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