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What does recovery look like? Betta care for fungus


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My Betta had a cottony white spot on one fin. One week ago i followed the regimen 1 packet of Maracyn and 1 tsp of Ich-X per 10 gallons of water. The fuzz is gone. But the fin has not regained color. This sounds "cured" to me because the fin has been damaged by the fungus (presumably) but can anyone tell me if this is ok? Should I dose again?

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And parameters (soft water here, I'm working on it):

GH 60, KH 40, Ph 7, zero nitrites zero nitrates

His color other than the affected fin is still gorgeous. 

Behavior: He was much more sociable a few weeks ago. Some days he's still coming right out for breakfast. Most of the time he stays by the sponge filter or in this little sort of nest he has in the pothos roots.

I often feed him in the hole in the top of the floating log and I do see him going in there now and then, he seems to be checking for food. He will only eat pellets and frozen brine shrimp, he gets the latter once a week on Wednesdays. Last Wed. he went after them in his normal (aggressive) way.


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