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White strings on oranda wen


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I'm new here and have scoured the web for a while trying to figure out what is wrong with my Orandas wen.  It gets white growths in it which sometimes look like white dots and sometimes look like cottony strings.  This is one of the longest I’ve seen.  This has been going on for several months now.  I’ve tried medicating their food with kanaplex and just did a methelyne blue dip for an hour last weekend in a separate bowl.  

I have her and a dwarf oranda in a 30 gallon tank with an extra sponge filter in addition to the HOB filter that came with the tank, and air bubbler.  

Parameters are generally around 0 ammonia, 0 nitrite, 20 nitrate, 7.5 ph, and water temp of 75 ish   

Can someone identify what is on her wen so I can find the right treatment?  It’s only on the wen, never the body or fins, or anywhere else in the tank.   She eats and swims normally and doesn’t seem to be in any distress.  I notice occasional white spots on the wen of the dwarf oranda tank mate but not like the black thai oranda   

Thanks for any help and suggestions!





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My eyes are not the best but I do see one on the body. I circled your picture AD7D55FA-167E-4216-BC8D-C4AE87B1E3AF.jpeg.ba349a32033ce6c6f18832c7daeb97b8.jpegand also gave you a pic I got from google to compare. Salt would be my go to. There may be better in this day and age @Coluwould be able to explain doses or if there is a better treatment 


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Possible anchor worms hikari cyropro treats anchor worms or  treatments containing diflubenzuron  salt baths 1 table spoon for 1 gallon for no more than 15 minutes 2-3 times a day can be effective against some species of anchor worms or you can maintain high levels of salt in the tank for up to 28 days as the life cycle of anchor worms is between 18 and 28 days high levels of salt can provent the eggs from hatchling

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I’m not sure if that was just a reflection off the glass.  

I’ll look again tonight when I get home from work and look more thoroughly at their bodies but this has been going on for at least 3 months and I feel like I would have seen anchor worms on her dark scales in that amount of time. 

Sometimes the little growths are more wispy and cottony looking and are normally much shorter.   There is also some white areas throughout the creases in her wen.  I was suspicious of a fungus but not sure how to treat.  

If I can get better images I’ll try to add them as well.  

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My personal go to is salt.

If you have live plants in the tank, I would remove the plants and add aquarium salt. You have already tried kanaplex and methylene blue dips, so I would try salt at this point. 

Or, if you have a vet willing to make a slide and look under a microscope, you could cut the growth or try to remove with tweezers and take it in a bag of aquarium water to your veterinarian. 

Add salt to the aquarium after you snip off/ remove the thread, and as many of the parasites that look similar to the growth have a 28 day lifespan, if you keep the tank at the highest salt level that doesn't bother your orandas for 28 days, and then clean the tank and refill, there shouldn't be any cysts left to restart the cycle. 

Plus, you should have an answer from your veterinarian within 28 days, and the vet may have you treat in a different manner, or add a medication to the salt.


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