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Urban Squirrels: Modern Life Edition

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(When I first posted this: It was my sense of humor coming out in using "addition" as opposed to "edition" as the squirrel was trying to add something non-natural/urban to it's life, but now it doesn't even make sense to me! 😄 I need sleep! So I changed it to the more appropo Edition) At my workplace I walk the parking lot during breaks. As you might imagine I find random things people drop. A few days before this picture I found a winter hat abandoned in the lot. In order to try and find its owner I placed it at a corner along a wall that also serves as a barrier along our walkway. This little guy was caught in the act trying to drag the hat off to its nest I'm sure and was a good 12 feet from the corner where I placed it. Unfortunately I scared him off enough that he didn't return for it. At least at that time. 


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