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Still No Fry +Filter Setup


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New month = New chances at spending money on fish!!

So my first question is regarding filter setup for split 10-gallon. I have had this cycling for what seems like forever because my guppy has yet to drop fry (see further down on that).  One benefit of having some more time is I now have the funds to buy some sponge filters. My question is if I'm better off (money and filter wise) running 2 sponge filters, one on each side, or keep the HOB filter running with a sponge running on the other side. Also I assume the aquarium coop nano would be the correct size?


Now onto this frustrating fish I call my female guppy. If you have seen my previous posts you will know I'm coming up on 2.5 months and NO FRY. Twice she got very large and then lost all the weight. I'm assuming she aborted the fry. She is now alone in a 5-gallon with limited sound etc to diminish her stress. At what point do I give up on her?  I intended to get other females eventually but I wanted to start with just 1 so I could learn some things before getting too into it, but coming up on 3 months and no babies is making me wanna give up on her. My male is a beautiful mutt, almost looks red dragon, so I would love to breed him but I can't if the female keeps holding them!  Any ideas?

Pics of the divided 10 and male with the female about a month ago for reference. 



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I know how hard it is to wait--I had a guppy that took 3 or 4 months to start having babies after I brought her home. I feel ya!

Since the matten filter is providing surface area for beneficial bacteria, you don't really need additional filtration in the form of sponge filters, in my opinion and experience with my divided fry tank.

My tank stays at zero nitrites and nitrates despite feeding fry multiple times per day, just with the matten filter in the middle and an airstone on either side, and lots and lots of guppy grass.

If you have money to put into the tank I'd aim for more plants that are big nitrogen suckers like guppy grass, hornwort, elodea/anacharis to add to the water lettuce and java moss you have, or maybe a light for the tank if you don't have one.

Especially if your tank is new and you don't know for sure java moss will thrive in it--it won't grow for me in any of my tanks, regardless of light levels and nutrients. I haven't grown water lettuce so IDK if that is also an "iffy" plant that sometimes does not take off. More plants == more security that one of them will grow enough to suck up all the fish waste when you do have fry.

I do feel it is stressful for female guppies to live alone, so she might be better off with the male in the tank if he's been through QT and is safe. But try to have faith--it will happen. I was in your shoes five months ago and now I have a zillion guppies!



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I put my female into a mesh breeder a few days before she drops, but I let her have fry twice before I did that so I knew her schedule. I slip the mesh breeder into the tank and go under her, no stress from capture that way and I add floating stem plants in it for her to feel safer. I also keep the lights down low from then on except for feeding time. And I feed her less, but more frequently, when she's in there. Bigger mesh breeders are good so they don't freak out. The clear one by lee's stresses most of my girls out so I rarely use those for birthing.

Then when mama has her babies I gently remove her and put her back in the main water area after about 24 hours.

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On 2/9/2022 at 12:35 AM, Minanora said:

 I slip the mesh breeder into the tank and go under her, no stress from capture that way and I add floating stem plants in it for her to feel safer.

Great idea to avoid netting.


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