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DIY Aquarium Glass Cleaner


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I have to make a new bottle of this so I thought I'd share. 

You'll need:

Clean Spray Bottle, I use a standard 24oz

Isopropyl Alcohol, for streak free quick drying 

White Vinegar, to cut hard water marks

Dish Soap, cuts oils, finger prints etc. 

A measuring device with oz increments, I use a shot glass because it's 1oz roughly. Also a funnel helps. 

The mix is:

2oz Isopropyl Alcohol 

4oz White Vinegar

2 Drops of Dish Soap 

Fill the rest of the bottle with water, I use RODI because I have it but whatever you got is fine. 

I believe this to very aquarium safe. I've even drop a paper towel wet with this cleaner into the tank and had no side effects on fish or water quality. 


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8 minutes ago, Bill Smith said:

Interesting...I've always used 50/50 water and vinegar. Works fantastic and very safe. What are the benefits of adding the alcohol and soap?

I haven't tried 50/50 water-vinegar so I can't compare. I think the alcohol helps it dry fast and streak free, the soap helps to further clean any stubborn smudges I think. 

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1 hour ago, Cory said:

Interesting, I hope to give this a try, have you had overspray land in the tank and the soap is so diluted it doesn't matter I assume?

That is my belief as well. I've been wiping the underside of my light fixture and had a whole paper towel fall in with this solution on it and had no issues. I can't think of time when I actually saw overspray go in the water. I'm sure I've had the canopy open and sprayed the glass at some point. I've been using it for over a year I'd say. 

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I use vinegar and water on all my glass. I use Dr Bonner’s diluted soap to clean decor sometimes when scrubbing doesn’t work. Dr Bronner Is the only soap they sell at my local backpacking/camping store because if you bath in streams it doesn’t harm wildlife or the environment. It has natural oils in it so I think I would clean with diluted soap, rinse well, then the water/vinegar to make the glass spot free.

 I use all natural for household cleaning. I haven’t used soap to clean glass unless it’s extremely dirty & then I go back over it with vinegar/water or club soda.

Club soda is also excellent for sparkling glass. I’m not sure an aquarium. I’ll have to try after looking at the ingredients again.


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