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The Co-Op's aquarium rack questions...

Canuck AquaTropix

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Hi Everyone,

I am currently in the process of designing my fish room.  Where would I be able to get the most amount of details on the rack at the Co-Op?

I would like to basically copy the design.  The areas that I cannot figure out from the videos is basically how the base and the top is designed.  The actual racking system is well explained in an older video.




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I am also looking to copy this design in my future fish room. I do believe that the bottom is essentially sleeper 2x4s that are screwed straight to the floor and the vertical 2x4s sit on top of it. Exactly how walls in typical houses are made. The top is probably similar but perhaps secured back to the wall. I am hoping to get more insight as the store expansion videos are released. 

Anyone who lives local and could snap a picture of the bottom and top would be greatly appreciated. 

Also I plan to have more than one tank size in my fish room and would love to see pictures of others who have copied this look.

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